Guide In Advertising Your Business Online Without Spending A Dime 25/07/2016 22/07/2016 gdutborg

If your business is just on its starting stage, it is understandable that you won’t have enough capital to use on marketing strategies such as radio and television ads. This does not mean there are no other ways on how you can make your brand known and more visible without spending a lot of money. Before the invention of the internet, startup businesses have very little options when it comes to promoting their products and services without spending thousands of dollars. These options usually involve giving out and posting printed fliers or agreeing to be one of the sponsors in your local community. Nowadays, opportunities for promoting businesses and services are endless if one has the knowledge on where to look.

Here is a guide on how to advertise your startup business without spending a dime:

– Register with the major players in local listing services. There are many options but the biggest players are Google, Yahoo and Bing. For Google, you will need to register your business in Google Places so it can be easily located when users in your area searches using the Google search engine and it will also be plotted on the Google Maps. Registering online is easy and confirmation can be done either through a phone call or a snail mail sent to your business address. For Yahoo, they have a huge database that contains billions of businesses and it can be found in Yahoo! Local. Registering is easy and free. Bing is a search engine powered by Microsoft and provides the same service which business can sign up to.

– Get into social media and interact with customers. Nowadays, social media is not just used to make a brand more visible but it is also an essential investment for every business. Facebook can help you advertise your page while Twitter can be a good platform to interact with prospect and existing clients.

– Blogging is another free way to promote your business. It must have quality content related to the products or services that the business is offering such as printing services in Perth.