Four Tips To Create An Impressive Website For Schools 05/08/2019 03/08/2019 gdutborg

Website is an online salespersons of an organization. It is very important to design a good website that is easily adaptable and quick to use, to ensure that the users have good experience. A school website is used by many people such as future students, parents, current students, teachers, people looking for employment opportunities etc. it is essential to design a website that caters to these different types of audience in order to make it successful.

Here are some interesting tips to create a website that stands out. The tips are explained with reference to, the Website of Bangkok Patana School.

  • Add a Sticky Navigation

Adding a sticky navigation to the school website helps to increase enquiries. Sticky navigation remains in view of the user but does not disrupt his viewing experience. It helps to provide quick access, when the user is ready to take action.

  • Use simple forms

Use simple forms, where users can ask their queries. Low commitment simple forms will enhance the user experience and will help to get contact information. These forms also help website teams to gather information about frequently asked questions. It also helps the website team to alter the architecture of the website to improve user experience.

  • Remember whothe Target Audience is

Every website should determine its target audience. For school websites, the target audience can be prospective students and parents looking for admission, current students, teachers and people looking for employment opportunities. The website should cater to all these different audience. For example, the website of Bangkok patina School has different tabs to know about different aspects of the school. The students, teachers, alumni and staff have different sign-in forms. The information on the home page is targeted at prospective students.

  • Interior Pages are Important Too

Most schools pay attention to the homepage of their website and neglect the interior pages. It is essential to keep in mind that you have only seven seconds to capture the attention of the user, and each page of the website has to informative and attractive. Avoid pages with plain text and use images that are engaging, use CTAs that take the users deeper into the site and interesting quotes to add authenticity to the website.