Fearless Forecasts For Online Marketing 201524/12/201422/12/2014gdutborg
Online Marketing 2015

In a few weeks, it will be 2015 and people are expecting predictions for the New Year hoping that it will be a better year. Businesses that offer their products and services online are more involved at online marketing trends that will dominate 2015. There have been many changes on the internet over the past few years with marketing techniques becoming antiquated and new strategies being introduced to gain the best possible results.

Online marketing trends expected to dominate 2015

Content will continue to dominate the internet

By consistently publishing informative content, businesses can establish authority and trust among online users. Through fresh and unique content, businesses increase their rapport with their audience and develop a loyal following. According to Content Management Institute, the top B2B content marketing techniques will be articles on business websites as well other websites with videos and eNewsletters. This trend reveals that marketing to the masses through traditional channels like TV and radio are becoming less effective.

Social media will reach more customers

Social media has provided businesses with different options for growth and popularity. Social media allows businesses to interact with their audience through engaging content. Blogging is a critical component of social media marketing because it provides a good opportunity to be found in search engines. Another technique is micro-blogging on the popular platform Twitter to carry out real time conversations.

Mobile shopping will continue to be the trend

According to Forbes, 87% of connected devices by 2017 will be tablet computers and smart phones. If your website is not yet optimized for mobile, you better do something about it in order to provide a positive experience to those who will be browsing your site through mobile devices. Online shopping has shifted from desktop computers to mobile phones and if you do not have responsive website design, you are losing lots of opportunities to make a sale.

Increase overall conversion rates through ad retargeting

Retargeting works by utilizing browser cookies to track websites that visitors use. When they leave the site, the products or services that have been viewed will be shown again in the form of advertisements in different sites. This will increase overall conversion rates because consumers will be reminded of what they have previously seen.