Defining SEO And Its Importance To Online Businesses 14/03/2016 13/03/2016 gdutborg

The Internet is filled with numerous complicated terms that can make a person’s head bleed. However, in the world of online business making, there is one term that holds considerable importance: SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the collective term for the tactics and the strategies that are used to gather more traffic for a website and improving its placement in the search engine rankings.

What makes SEO special is that it is actually a major driver for growth and according to numerous studies, it accounts for over 30% of the traffic generated in e-commerce sites. Just think about all the opportunities that this unpaid traffic can bring you.

SEO however, is highly dependent on website’s structure, the keywords used, the content on the website’s pages, inbound links and even the domain’s collective content. Websites would have to be optimized for SEO starting from their web design all the way to its future developments.

Understanding SEO is important for online businesses. SEO is more than just finding the right keywords and keyword placements. In fact, SEO goes throughout every part of the website and it is important to understand the best SEO practices for your websites. Remember, as a website that is looking to get noticed, you would have to please the search engines and the best way to do so is through SEO. Search engines would commonly release a bot or a ‘spider’ that would crawl through websites and index their contents. Now, if you’re website’s architecture is optimized for SEO, it would be easy for these spiders to crawl through your website and not miss any important detail from your website. If your website is hard to crawl, it is highly probable that the spider would miss some of your sections and classify them as unimportant.

Now why is it important that all of the important parts of your website get indexed by search engines? Well, think about this. When people type in a search query, what the search engine will do is scan their index and find the most relevant results. The ranking for these results however is determined by complex search algorithms and many other factors.

If you think that your website is not yet optimized, you should probably call a SEO specialist Bangkok immediately.