Buying Tips For Condos For Sale 05/11/2016 04/11/2016 gdutborg

You can easily find condos for sale Bangkok. Finding one is not a problem with all the advertisements online and the numerous agents swarming in malls and commercial areas who are looking for potential buyers. Because of their number, finding the right one may be daunting especially that these condos are packaged in such an attractive manner. To make choosing a little bit easier for you, consider the following tips:

Consider your budget. Take note that buying a condo involves several fees and payment requirements. Aside from the monthly amortization or mortgage, you have fess for building association, taxes, insurance and other maintenance fees. There are condominiums that collect parking fees so it would also be best for you to check on this information. You may also want to ask the actual occupants of the building for other fees collected from them. Make a rough estimate on the average expenses for the condos for sale Bangkok and see if it suits your budget. Brand new condominiums also tend to be more expensive than older ones.

Condo age and building safety. Another point to consider is how long the condo has been in operation. Its age will have to do with the serviceability of its facilities such as its elevators, power alternative sources and similar facilities. You might also want to check if the building is located far from the fault line or hazard zones. New condos tend to have more sophisticated designs in preparation for natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Convenience. You would want a condo that is close to your workplace or your children’s schools, if you have any, and other basic social amenities that you would frequently need such as grocery or shopping malls, business centers including recreational parks and the likes.

Saleability of the unit. One important aspect that you may want to consider on condos for sale Bangkok is its saleability. Is it attractive enough to warrant another sale should you decide to sell it? Look for a condo that is not too small and roomy enough to attract potential buyers and investors in the future.