Basics Of Search Engine Optimization For Newbies14/02/201506/04/2015gdutborg
Basics Of Search Engine Optimization For Newbies

Perhaps you have heard of Search Engine Optimization often discussed in the internet. How important is SEO and how relevant is it to businesses that are being marketed online?

Search engine creators have developed a way to browse into every website there is online. They have these agents that check for indicators whether the content of your website useful or useless. The indicators used include new articles, domain age, website traffic, back links and so on. If your website scores high on most of these indicators, there is a huge chance for your website to be in top rank during online searches.

Website owners are continuously looking for ways to appear on the first page of searches in order to increase the number of website visitors. This is where blogging comes in. It is in web blogs that you create fresh and new articles that are creative and helpful in addressing customers’ needs.

The basics of blogging SEO:

• Secure your domain and hosting

Beginners should get their own domain and hosting. Is this really necessary? There are free blog spots out there; however, free blog set ups will not help in your company’s SEO optimization because if you are serious with the product and services that you are promoting, you will go through the hassle of getting your own domain and hosting. Google also thinks this way. It points web browsers to authentic and serious websites only.

• Write original articles with useful content

Google was built to provide their users with useful information on the topic or words that they search. Your blog site should also be built on this premise. Create contents that solve the problems of your customers. So that your blog spot will be creative and have a good feel on it, you can use videos, photographs, podcasts and plug-ins or other tools for your visitors to play around.

• Ensure that your website theme is search engine optimized

Google points the searcher to websites that are search engine optimized. Ensure that your website theme is coded with the latest technique. Your website should also load quickly. Be certain that your website’s speed is not affected by the bulk of your theme, scripts or plugins. Finally, make sure that your navigation links work properly.