Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools For Businesses 21/02/2017 20/02/2017 gdutborg

When you hear artificial intelligence, what immediately come to mind is robots. However, do you know that artificial intelligence is already being used online? Artificial intelligence is very prevalent in the strategies used for online marketing campaigns. You might not yet realize that predictive search is a more established and widely used form of artificial intelligence.

You certainly have noticed that Google will try to automatically fill in the search query before you even finish typing a keyword or search phrase. This feature is called the predictive search that makes subtle suggestions to save your time and efforts at searching. Predictive search can easily influence the outcome of a search which is very beneficial to B2B organizations.

When potential customers arrive at your site for the first time, they do not have any context on the layout of your website. Predictive search helps the visitors find specific pages which they will not be able to find through their own efforts. However, it is important to ensure that visitors gain a good experience so that they will stay longer in the site.

However, predictive search also has its drawbacks because content that has less traffic usually ends up at the bottom of search engine results. To overcome the drawback, it is important to use the proper SEO strategies so that content will continue to rank high in the search engine results.

Another example of artificial intelligence working for your site is automated chatbots used for customer service. It is very common for visitors to arrive at your site after business hours but you can still provide them with a personal experience in navigating the site through the automated bots. Customer interaction with the chatbots can produce valuable data that can be used by the marketing and sales team. However, the efficiency of the chatbot still depends on a human managing the program.

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