All You Need To Know About Marketing Automation 21/11/2017 20/11/2017 gdutborg

You may have heard about marketing automation tools but what is marketing automation? By definition, it is the use of software in order to transform marketing processes into automated actions. Majority of marketing departments are already automating routine, daily tasks like social media management, emailing and various actions on the website. Marketing automation helps reduce time spend on doing tasks and processes are more efficient.

The ideal goal is to use software that will make it possible for companies to sell their products and purchase materials while making sure that what they are offering is catered to the need of prospect customers which in turn will result to a paying customer. When this kind of marketing automation is adopted, companies will earn higher revenue.

The problem with marketing automation is that not all marketers recognize that the software is only intended to automate processes but it does not provide an answer on how to generate new leads where the automation tools can be used. When this happens, marketers tend to buy email addresses when the ideal action is to gather inbound leads. This may present a quick solution to the problem but this is not recommended for long-term. It will be harder to create a good relationship with customers using this method.

Lead nurturing campaigns should be prioritized before investing in marketing automation tools that are bound to fall short. Marketing automation will only be effective if the company has a constant stream of organic leads that are passing through their channel. Without the presence of strategies for inbound lead generation, marketers will try to focus on their current database and use the limited leads they have in order to gain more. While buying more contacts seemed to be the solution for many marketers, it does not benefit the company in the end because the return on investment is lower. The brand’s reputation is also affected by the complaints from bought emails that are not in any way interested in the products or services that the company is offering. In the end, focusing on one channel such as email marketing is not recommended because it is considered as a disservice to the customers as well as to your business.