2019 Means More Changes To Digital Marketing Strategies 17/03/2019 15/03/2019 gdutborg

The website of cityscape illustration has been designed with SEO in mind to increase brand awareness and gain a large audience. However, digital marketing took a big turn in 2018 as well as the dynamics of social media and SEO. New social media platforms have emerged and became popular. With these changes, it is predicted that 2019 will be a year of more developments and changes.

It has become apparent that a business that wants to tap to a wider audience base must connect to them in the regional language. Most online users from other countries only have limited knowledge of English. Gone are the days when content must only be created in the English language and the not audience’s language of choice.

Some of the ways of being able to tap into the internet audience includes the use of graphics, status updates and videos in a language that is not always English. It is important to identify the audience so that the language can be chosen accordingly. Check the reactions of your audience when you use regional language banner ads on display campaigns and Facebook image posts. English content updates can be kept intact so that everyone will understand what the brand wants to communicate.

Google is planning to elevate voice search algorithms because people from all over the world are using voice search to find online content. According to the results of a research, at least 41% of online users conduct one voice search a day. The number is growing and it is expected that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice-based.

This means that the website must be optimized for voice search. To increase the chances for website content to be picked up by search engine voice assistant, it is important to create short paragraphs of about 50 to 60 words that Google can choose from to answer the questions that it will receive.

It is very likely that you will no longer type cityscape illustration on the search box. Instead, you can search through voice which will be more convenient. Meanwhile, there are map illustrators who can create a map of a city or community that will capture an interesting moment in time.