How To Apply SEO For E-commerce

If the nature of your business has a lot of competition, it is your goal to make sure that your site is ranked higher in Google search engine. If you don’t know or haven’t applied SEO or search engine optimization to your website yet, it is time to learn how to do so. Remember that…


Social Media Marketing In Thailand – Essential Tips For A Successful Branding And Marketing

A marketing strategy works best if fused with other marketing strategies. The market, with the evolution of technology and the Internet, is now very hard to satiate. To establish credibility, they have to be able to find the brand in all mediums, especially in social media. The social media is free and is very interactive,…


Online Marketing Strategies That You Might Have Overlooked

Majority of real estate agents and realtors have their own websites because they are aware of its importance in gaining online presence and acquiring prospects. Websites have also been optimized for mobile ever since statistics revealed the dramatic increase in search through mobile. Active blogs have also been maintained with relevant and fresh information. Blogs…


Buying Tips For Condos For Sale

You can easily find condos for sale Bangkok. Finding one is not a problem with all the advertisements online and the numerous agents swarming in malls and commercial areas who are looking for potential buyers. Because of their number, finding the right one may be daunting especially that these condos are packaged in such an…


Research As The Best Tool To Ensure A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Starting with content marketing can be pretty daunting because it requires researching the target audience by executing a campaign through various devices and platforms. The digital marketer has to understand the advantages that content marketing can bring to the business and what it hopes to achieve. It is also very critical for content to resonate…

Examples Of Effective Marketing Campaigns For The Holiday Shopping Season

Examples Of Effective Marketing Campaigns For The Holiday Shopping Season

Here are some examples of marketing campaigns which were highly effective during the holiday shopping season. Target promoting digital engagement Any marketing effort that results in engaging its audience and customers is worth talking about. Target has millions of likes on Facebook, and they have over a million followers on Twitter. So any engagement methods…

Marketing Interior Design Business Through Social Media Channels

Marketing Interior Design Business Through Social Media Channels

Social media are tools that allow people, companies, businesses and other organizations to create, exchange or share interests, information, videos or pictures in networks and virtual communities. For marketers and advertisers, social media is a means to release promotions or information, attract new customers, engage with current customers and market a company. A great number…


Guide In Advertising Your Business Online Without Spending A Dime

If your business is just on its starting stage, it is understandable that you won’t have enough capital to use on marketing strategies such as radio and television ads. This does not mean there are no other ways on how you can make your brand known and more visible without spending a lot of money….

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Why Insurance Companies Should Use SEO In Their Online Marketing Strategies

  Whenever people need information about the insurance industry, the most likely place they will go to is the search engines. For example, a car owner who wants to have coverage will type “car insurance (ประกันภัยรถยนต์) companies” or auto insurance companies” on their browsers. Aside from making sure that the right keywords are incorporated in…


The Impact Of Internet Marketing On Businesses

Most big companies make use of traditional marketing techniques but they never overlook the important of internet marketing strategies. It can no longer be denied that young audiences as well as more matured ones are hooked to the internet; it is their source of news and information about products and services. Aside from web search,…